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Fantastic Fall Lineup!


10/22/16 at 7:00PM    The 3rd Annual King's Faire 

                                 Immanuel Lutheran Church

                                 See below for more information


10/23/16 at 3:00PM    Distracted Scholar's Guide to                                                Literature and Drama

                                 Park Place Senior Living Ctr. (Winghaven)


11/18/16 at 7:00PM    Hats, and Adventures of a Comic Book

11/19/16 at 11:00AM  Artist 

                                 Sunrise United Methodist Church


12/02/16 at 7:00PM     Midsummer Night's Dream: A Musical

12/03/16 at 11:00AM   Adaptation and Gotta Dance

                                  Sunrise United Methodist Church


                                  For more information on theater                                           programs click on Theater Programs

                                  at the left


12/18/16 at 3:00PM     MCCA In Concert featuring

                                  Whippersnappers, Synergy and Vocal


                                  Park Place Senior Living Ctr. (Winghaven)

                                  Admission is Free


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